What control panel do you use?

Our web hosting and reseller control panels are all cPanel and WHM. This is the leading brand for web hosting control panels and has many times been voted the easiest to use web hosting/reseller control panel. On our VPS and dedicated servers, LxAdmin is available for free or cPanel/WHM for an extra fee. You can always choose neither and just install your own control panel on it yourself. 

Depending on the service you have signed up for, the panel you use will be different. For example, shared and (master) reseller hosting will use cPanel; whereas VPS will use HyperVM, VDS and others (if the customer chooses to do so).

Shared & (Master) Reseller Services

We use cPanel as the control panel for these services. If you are simply a shared customer, then you will just use the cPanel interface alone; whereas reseller and master reseller clients will use both cPanel and WHM. The ports for each panel are as follows:

cPanel - http://ip-or-domain.com:2082/

WHM - http://ip-or-domain.com:2086/

However, in most circumstances '/cpanel' or '/whm' can be used to access the panels.

cPanel, when used on shared hosting, is the interface where you can access all hosting functions for your account. Here, you can upload files; setup FTP accounts; setup and access MySQL databases; configure mail server settings... There is a countless list of functions which can be accessed here.


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